WOW Balloons
a balloon tower with balloons and a balloon in the shape of a football helmet on top of a balloona stuffed animal sitting on top of a bunch of balloons in a room with a pink wall and floora group of balloons that are sitting on a floor next to a wall with a number of balloons on itThe image depicts a festive holiday scene, with a flocked white Christmas tree in the background and various decorative elements in the foreground, including a large red and white peppermint-striped ornament, white and red ornaments, and a star-shaped decoration.a bunch of balloons that are sitting on a pole in front of a house with a car in the backgrounda balloon with the number twenty twenty five and a balloon with the number twenty five in the middle of it

Crazy towers

Introducing our Crazy Balloon Towers – a playful and eye-catching addition to any celebration! These towers are expertly crafted using a wide variety of balloon sizes, ranging from 5β€³ to 36β€³, creating a dynamic and vibrant display. Each tower includes multiple large mylar balloons of your choice, often featuring starburst designs for added flair. To enhance the festive atmosphere, a tinsel tassel is placed in the middle, adding a touch of sparkle.

For a personalized touch, our Crazy Balloon Towers can be customized with a logo or vinyl writing, allowing you to showcase your unique branding or add a special message to the design. Whether you’re celebrating a corporate event, grand opening, or birthday bash, our Crazy Balloon Towers are sure to make a statement and create a fun-filled atmosphere.

Available addons

Mylar toppers 20β€³-40β€³

Latex toppers 24β€³-36β€³

Customization (Writings and logos)