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Backdrop Rentals

Whether you're planning a wedding, birthday party, corporate event, or photo shoot, our diverse range of backdrops offers something for every theme and style.

Cube photo box WOW Balloons

Cube photo box 🔥 New

Elevate your next event with the spacious mini-room designed for unforgettable photo moments.

From $2350.00

Modern Curve Set WOW Balloons

Modern Curve Set 🔥 New

Sleek and versatile photo backdrop perfect for capturing unforgettable moments.

From $824.99

Boxwood hedge wall WOW Balloons

Boxwood hedge wall

Our best seller. Stunning backdrop to make your event perfect.


Safari grass panels WOW Balloons

Safari grass panels

Custom made 2 piece set of safari themed panels that can be customized with additional tropical florals, balloons, or neon signs.


Wooden panels variety WOW Balloons

Wooden panels variety

Custom made wooden panels can be customized according to your needs, custom painting is already included in the price.

From $200.00

2 piece 8x4 panels WOW Balloons

2 piece 8x4 panels

It is a perfect backdrop that can be used as a one 8x8 piece or separated and mixed and matched as 8x4 pieces.

$250.00 each

Window frame WOW Balloons

Window frame

Create a picturesque setting with the Window Frame rental backdrop.


Rainbow wooden panel WOW Balloons

Rainbow wooden panel

Featuring a spectrum of colors on rainbow shaped wooden panels, adding a playful and cheerful touch to any occasion.


"Halo" hoop base WOW Balloons

"Halo" hoop base

Our classic hoop backdrop is a perfect addition to any wedding, engagement party, baby shower and so many more milestones events.

From $174.99

Hexagon base WOW Balloons

Hexagon base

If you are tired of classic shapes you can always go with our new hexagon base!

From $174.99

3D stand base WOW Balloons

3D stand base

Heavy duty metal frame can be either used with a boho swing set or just by itself.