WOW Balloons
a woman standing next to a giant bunch of pink, gold, and leopard print balloons on a pink walla bunch of balloons that are in front of a store front door with the words hello moon on ita minnie mouse balloon bouquet with a minnie mouse balloon in the middle of the balloon bouquet with a minnie mouse balloon on top of the balloon bouquet

Balloon bouquets

Running out of time on a perfect gift? No worries – we got you!

Surprise your loved ones with a one of a kind balloon bouquet. Pick out of our wide variety of shapes and sizes to create a balloon design you like.

  • Small bouquets – under $75.00 / ea
  • Medium bouquets – $75.00-$175.00 / ea
  • Large bouquets – $175.00 – $500.00 / ea


Latex balloons:

  • 11" – $4.00/pc
  • 18" – $9.99/pc
  • 24"- $34.99/pc
  • 36" – $44.99/pc

Foil balloons:

  • Speciality shapes in 18" – $9.99/pc
  • Jumbo numbers/letters 36" – $24.99/pc
  • Jumbo characters (Mickey Mouse/Spider-man and etc…) – $19.99 and up
  • Mylar orbz – $29.99 and up

Available add-ons