WOW Balloons
a bunch of balloons that are sitting on a table in front of a window with a happy birthday sign on ita bunch of balloons that are on the ground next to a wall with a door in the middle of ita large number of balloons floating in the air on a wooden floor in a room with a ceiling fanan elephant and zebra are standing in front of a wall of balloons and jungle plants and a zebra is standing in front of the balloon walla bunch of balloons that are on the grass in front of a house with a house in the backgrounda bunch of blue and white balloons in the grass with a tree in the backgrouf of the photo

Balloon Walls

8 x 10 ft

Balloon walls are made with balloons of multiple sizes (5″ up to 36”).

Each balloon wall is customized specifically for your needs and desires and is installed on site. Average installation time for this type of decor is 1,5-2,5 hours.

Base rentals for the wall is included in the price and is being picked up after your event.

Available addons

LED lights

Tropical leaves




Foil shapes



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