WOW Balloons
a pink and black decorated birthday arch with balloons and a cow print number one on the front of the archa pink storefront with balloons and a pink bike parked in front of the front of the store and a pink bike parked in front of the front of the storea living room filled with furniture and a bunch of green balloons hanging from the ceiling over the couchesa large balloon arch with the word grand written in white and gold balloons and a star on top of ita table topped with balloons and a teddy bear next to a sign that reads welcome to our baby on ita bunch of balloons and streamers on a table with a backdrop of blue and white balloons and streamers

Balloon garlands

Organic balloon garlands are made with balloons of multiple sizes (5″ up to 36”).

This type of decorations is always charged by the foot and depends on the color scheme/thickness/style you would like to go with.

Sizes up to 10 feet are available for a free pick up from our studio in Irving.

Available add-ons

LED lights

Tropical leaves




Foil shapes


Starting at $25 per foot

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a chase bank entrance decorated with balloons and a blue and white arch with the chase bank logo on ita long hallway with a bunch of balloons on the wall and a sign that says exit on the walla group of people walking down a hallway with balloons in the shape of a circle on the wall and on the floora blue and white balloon arch in front of a large glass building with a brick walkway in front of it

Classic balloon archways

Classic balloon archways are created with balloons that are all blown up to the same size.

Choose from three captivating styles: monochrome, swirl, or color mix, each offering a unique aesthetic to complement your event's theme.

Standard size would be 20 ft linear feet that covers an 8x8 area.

Our classic balloon archways have become incredibly popular for corporate events, adding a sophisticated and celebratory atmosphere.

Starting at $18 per foot

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